Why Are We Unique?

Why us?

Flyontime is the first to offer multiple up-to-the minute flight notification service anytime, anywhere, and in any media. This system is specifically designed to include both web-enabled phones & non-web-enabled phones, PDAs, landlines, pagers, and cell phones.

Flyontime's suite of available services includes special features such as traveler's final destination weather conditions, stock updates, and web surfing.

Why Are We Unique?

Flyontime is the only provider with the ability to notify a customer about unanticipated flight changes.

Our unique vision and cutting edge technology reduces the confusion, and frustration associated with traveling and helps travelers with time and schedule management. Benefits extend to the traveler as well as the person en-route to greet a passenger by allowing for scheduling change notifications.

Flyontime can work with both web-enabled and non-web enabled phones via voice.

Our state-of-the-art facility allows for multiples calls at the same time. Our redundancy can handle thousands of calls per minute without network downtime.

Our open-end platform allows for anyone to utilize our service with the ability to add more features.

Our system utilizes digital lines and not VoIP to guarantee efficiency, clarity and call volume.

Our management team consists of highly qualified and skilled product developers, hardware and software technology experts, marketing, sales and public relations professionals. Our extensive knowledge in the technology and travel industry has allowed for our unique approach and service.

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